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  • High Quality Ink & Toner
  • Exceed OEM & Industry Standards
  • 1 Year 100% Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Save up to 76% off OEM prices
  • Excellent Customer Service
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In all our reviews of replacement ink cartridge companies, we have rated 4inkjets as the best because it provides everything you could want in an inkjet company: the absolute highest quality in ink cartridges and excellent customer service, to include their rapid shipping and an exceptional return policy.  We tested their ink cartridges in a variety of printers – Dell, Lexmark, HP and Brother – and the quality was absolutely superior to any other generic ink cartridge we tested. In fact, in some cases it was indistinguishable from printouts using original cartridges.

4inkjets has been selling discounted printer accessories like laser toners, ink cartridges and fax toners for online since 1998, making them one of the oldest inkjet sellers on the internet.  They’ve been recognized for their customer service and high quality products by Bizrate, who awarded them with a Platinum Circle of Excellence, and also received a five star merchant rating from Yahoo!

In our tests, our printing results using cartridges from 4inkjets were very satisfactory, in most cases equal to the original ink cartridges.  We tested black cartridges and color cartridges by printing our portraits and pictures, and found the results to be near identical.  When the people in our review group compared the black and white printouts from the 4inkjets cartridges to those made using the OEM cartridges, they found little if any difference in quality.  When comparing the color printouts, there was a very slight graininess noticed in the pink spectrum, but the other colors all printed as clean as when using the original cartridges.

Besides having high quality products, 4inkjets offers excellent pricing and in the last few weeks we’ve seen them lowering their prices even further on most of their cartridges.  It’s no surprise to see their prices go down; the replacement cartridge business is an incredibly competitive market. However, despite their consistently low prices, they still offer excellent quality.

4inkjets had our product in our hands less than a week after we placed our order, and their friendly customer service reps answered our requests quickly, both on existing and new orders. Most importantly, the ink cartridges they sell were of near equal quality to the original ink, enough so that the average person could not tell the difference.


  • High Quality Ink & Toner
  • Exceed OEM & Industry Standards
  • 1 Year 100% Quality & Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Fast and Free Shipping
  • free shipping with order over $55

This printer cartridge has an impressive selection that has great customer service with a low price that is on 123Inkjets.com.  There are re-manufactured cartridges and the original from the market for all printers, the person will not find a better site that is online or at an actual store to buy the ink than at 123Inkjets.

Easy Navigation
This is an impressive because of the ease of the navigation when a person finds their printer at 123Inkjets.com.  It is so simple to find a printer. This page has little photos of the printers so that the person can easily find the cartridge that is right for their printer.   There is many other ways that a person can find what they are looking for like a drop menu, keyword so that the person can find the family, brand and model of the printer.

Huge Selection
There are many different types of printers and big selection of cartridges that is on 123Inkjets.com. Refill kits for that printer that the person has, original OEM cartridges made by the manufacturer and re-manufactured ones will be tested by 123Inkjets.  The person will have no problems finding the type of ink that any printer that is out there, even the ones that are old and unusual printer brands.

Low Prices
The larger the orders the better the price. They have a discount for bulk and 123Inkjets.com has competitive prices along with their regular deals.  Compared to the OEM cartridge price there is cheaper cartridges that are re-manufactured from the store these OEM cartridges were lower than the rate that was advertised in many stores.

Free Shipping
For fifty-five dollars or more the UPS or USPS is free with 123Inkjets unlike their competing stores.  There is also reasonably priced shipping for the smaller orders and it is impressive that they have this free shipping for larger orders.  If the person needs their printer cartridges right then they can get it expedited as an option.

Great Return Policy
There is a very good exchange and return policy that they offer on 123Inkjets.com, it is also one of the best features. There will be no fees for exchanges or returns as long as it is unopened. They will do this up to one year after they buy it.  They also have a policy that if the product is defective that they will give a full refund or exchange it up to a year.

This site is well recommended for anyone that needs ink for his or her printer.  123Inkjets.com has a very competitive price.  It also has a big selection to pick from, no secret fees, and the retailer stands out by giving the customer great customer service.


  • High Quality Ink & Toner
  • Exceed OEM & Industry Standards
  • 100% No Risk Money Back Guarantee
  • First Class Customer Service
  • Fast and Free Shipping
  • Buy 2 get 1 Free
  • free shipping with order over $30

If a person needs toner cartridges and printer ink at low prices, Clickinks will provide a great selection along with a customer incentive program. This program will keep bringing customers back.

Buy Two Get One Free
Clickinks has a program that if a person buys two cartridges that are remanufactured they will get one free. This will save a person more money from the everyday low prices. Not all cartridges qualify for this program, so check to see if your cartridge qualifies. If it does, then Clickinks will be the deal for printer ink anywhere.

Low Competitive Prices
When a person buys an OEM cartridge, they are always expensive, but you can get them remanufactured through Clickinks. The same high quality performance that an OEM provides, but at an affordable price. On other cartridges that are remanufactured, Clickinks has extremely low prices.

Customer Loyalty Points
When a person shops and buys cartridges, they will receive points. This rewards program that is points based will help a customer rack up points for new orders down the road. When a customer is happy with their cartridges, they have a reason to come back and shop, which is not true with the competition, as they do not provide any incentives to the customer.

Five Dollar Referrals
Bring a friend in to shop and five dollars will be given as a reward. There is no limit on the referral program. Bring in more than one, and receive five dollars each time. Your friend will also receive five dollars off the next time they purchase from Clickinks. The competition cannot compare to Clickinks.

Discount Corporate Accounts
If the military, anything pertaining to educational institutions, or businesses and companies need anything, they will receive an institutional account from Clickinks. Now printer cartridges can be ordered in bulks for different printers. When an account is opened, thirty days of free credit will be given to the institution.

Free Shipping
Orders over thirty dollars or more will receive free shipping. Sometimes Clickinks will have shipping promotions that will also provide free shipping. The shipping rates are very low if under the limit. If an ink cartridge is needed right now, there is an overnight option for shipping.

If a person is tired of cheap imitations on remanufactured ink cartridges, Clickinks.com is the real deal and guarantees everything. With all the incentives provided for the customers, they will keep coming back happy to purchase and tell all their friends what a great deal Clickinks.com is.


  • High Quality Ink & Toner
  • Exceed OEM & Industry Standards
  • 365 days 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Fast and Free Shipping

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The first priority is the price now days because there are a few things that someone needs to buy, one of these being printer ink.  Without spending too much money a person can get the printer ink for a number of things, like printing at home for people that work paper at home and do student papers they use ink from Inksmile.com.  There are many brands of toner cartridges and inkjet cartridges a person can get at Inksmile.com like Dell, Lexmark, Brother, Canon, HP, Epson and most other name brands.  For the color and black cartridges they have it for the inkjet printers, they also have the black toner ones for an office or personal laser printers.  A person can even get some of the money back from recycling empty or used printer cartridges.

Most people like to get the refill kits to reuse these printer cartridges and not throw these away or have these recycled at Inksmile.com.  The person can save some money and not waste as much by getting the refill kits for cartridges that a person already has like Lexmark, Canon and HP are some of the brands that have the kits.

There are many other chooses of things that a person can get other than toners and inks to stock up on those supplies that the person needs at Inksmile.com.  At Inksmile.com a person add a lot to the shopping cart like CD or labels, business cards and address labels that a person needs to create on their own on the laser or inkjet printer and they also have printer photo paper.  They also have those CD-Rs, DVD-Rws, DVD-Rs, or CD-RW to add those labels onto these: the Inksmile.com has anything and everything.

This Inksmile.com has everything to make the person’s printer to go smoothly: toners and inks for the printer, as well as it being high quality, low prices and convenience.  Inksmile.com has all the needs of the person in one place, like CDs that the person can make, along with documents that the person can make for work or school, it is easy to get to on this site.


  • Save up to 92% off OEM prices
  • Exceed OEM & Industry Standards
  • 90 days Money Back Guarantee
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Fast and Free Shipping
  • free shipping with order over $75 or use coupon code

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How Can Inkgrapper.com Help A Person?

A person usually goes to a regular store to buy the ink cartridge replacement.   It is way more money to get the ink cartridge at the store and convenient but it is better to get the replacement cartridges from a site called Inkgrabber.com that is a special online store.   If the person does use this online store they save a 92% off of what they would have paid at a store, this site it is easy to put an order in and convenient to do so.

What Is The Website?
This site is designed very well and it is called Inkgrabber.com.  On the home page there is prominently displayed is current sales and coupon sales.  Getting that new ink cartridges is very easy to do, all a person has to do is find the menu that is on the left hand side of the site that is easy to find the brand of the printer that the ink cartridges are needed.  Next pick the model number that is the person’s printer.  Each type of printer is categorized according to the models.  This site has many more features after that person creates an account and that will make the person an official customer so that they can get to the features.

What Are The Prices?
No matter what the brand is the prices of the any of the ink cartridges are, as stated before, 92% off the regular store prices.  Additional savings are run on Inkgrabber.com.  This site has ranked the cheapest of many of the online ink stores that were reviewed.

What Are The
There is so much that a person can choose form at Inkgrabber.com.  This site has any and all models of printer ink.  They also have printer’s ink that has long been discontinued.  This is the right place to find the ink for that old printer.

Service For The Customer
From 9 to 5 PST Inkgrabber.com has customer service by a toll-free number or by emailing.  There is also a way to still contact a live person even if the person does not want to call on the phone, this is live chat assistance, of course this is only available when it is open.  Of course with any online store can take up to twenty-four hours to get an email answered.  The representatives of customer service are very helpful and nice to speak with.

What Is The Delivery Time?
The only way a person can track the package is a little extra and the times of the delivery depends on when the person places the order. The basic delivery is always available for any order that is seventy-five dollars plus.  But with the standard cost for delivery cost that are under seventy-five dollars has reasonable prices. 

The Overall
This store is one of the best online stores with ink to use, getting it on Inkgrabber.com.  Customer service is wonderful and the person rarely has any problems.  The ink is high quality, fast shipping and the cost of the ink is very low.